Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Group collecting Christmas gifts for veterans and their families

WACO, TX -The Veterans One Stop in Waco is collecting gift cards, food, clothes and other items for veterans and their families this Christmas.

Homeless veterans need items like heavy warm coats, thick socks, and large blankets for the cold months ahead.

There’s also a need for non-perishable foods, especially side dishes for holiday meal gift boxes, like green beans, dry mashed potatoes and boxed stuffing.

And the one stop is collecting gift cards to pay for miscellaneous refrigerated foods and other items.

You can also help sponsor a family and provide food and gifts for children this Christmas.

Program director Bobbi Stewart told us, “the families are going to be targeted. We’re going to make a list of exactly what they need. So this isn’t just take a toy and go, we’re going to personalize it.”

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