Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Hometown country star comes through at Christmas despite canceled concerts, closed dancehalls

WACO, TX – Despite a very tough year for musicians, Waco native Wade Bowen said it was important to help fulfill the Christmas wishes of local students in need, so his family foundation stepped up, donating $7,500 to the Make A Wish Come True Program.

“We as a foundation, even though we’ve had a tough year as well, we just feel like it’s our duty to try our best to give to those who need it,” Bowen said.

Bowen, along with musicians everywhere, has dealt with canceled concerts, canceled events and festivals, closed-down bars and dancehalls and restrictions on large group gatherings because of the threat of COVID-19.

It’s also been a tough year for fundraising and foundations like The Bowen Family Foundation.

The foundation’s biggest fundraiser of the year is the Bowen MusicFest concert in downtown Waco, which was also canceled this summer.

In the past 21 years, the summer event has raised $5 million through the concert and charity golf tournament, all which goes back to local charities and nonprofits in need.

Bowen said despite the hardships he’s faced personally, he still felt the need to help.

“We talk about musicians having a really, really tough year but so many people have had a tough year,” Bowen said.

This year, thanks to those like Bowen, the University High School soccer team and Junior ROTC were able to collect $44,000 for the program started 12 years ago by late head soccer coach Mike Chapman, enough to give each family in need a $100 gift card in place of the usual toys and gifts because of concerns about the virus.

Last year, the Bowen Family Foundation made a similar donation and also helped with shopping for the students, donating everything from toys to blankets, food, clothing and bicycles.

“2020 has been hard on so many people,” Bowen said.

“This is the time of year to give to those who really need it.”

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