Saturday, April 20, 2024

Vaccinations continue at Waco’s Ascension Providence Hospital

WACO, TX – Vaccination of frontline healthcare workers continued for a second day Friday at Waco’s Ascension Providence Hospital.

“Every four-hour shift we will do between 140 to 150 vaccinations,” Director of Nursing Sunny Deeds said Friday.

“We are getting them in and we have a pretty good process worked out,” says Deeds.

The hospital is hoping to administer all 975 vaccines by Sunday evening.

“After we finish up with this round another shipment of doses will follow up,” Deeds said.

Those who received the vaccine were told to return in 19 to 24 days for their second dose of the vaccine, which the hospital says will be delivered in the weeks to come.

For many who have worked in the hospital’s ICU, this day was a long time coming.

“I have been practicing for 20 years and this is the most challenging and frustrating illness I have ever encountered,” Dr. Maydee Rosario said.

Rosario is a pulmonologist at Ascension Providence and has been in the ICU working with COVID patients.

“I am getting the vaccine not only for my patients, but for my family to make a difference,” she says.

“In my opinion everyone should think about taking this vaccine.”

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