Tuesday, June 18, 2024

College application process very different for local seniors

WACO, TX – For many high school seniors, this time of year is often spent thinking about what they may want to do after high school. While this is normally an exciting time, the pandemic has meant this year looks very different.

KWTX spoke with three seniors–two seniors from Waco ISD schools, and a senior from Killeen ISD. All three students are virtual learners, and they say this year has really gone by quickly.

Evelyn Guevara and Genesis Santos, students in Waco ISD schools, both had lots of plans for this past summer, like internships and out of town competitions, to help them get an idea of where they may like to go to school.

When those plans were canceled, Santos and Guevara say it changed their ideas about going out of state.

“I don’t want to move so far away from home,” Santos said. “And I don’t want to go out of state right now.”

“I think it’s definitely made me question where I want to be a year from now, studying,” Guevara said.

Inaya Wells-Ates is a senior in Killeen. She’s attending UTSA next fall, but she was looking forward to going to visit the campus.

Instead, she had to rely on virtual tours because of the pandemic.

“I wish I would have been able to go see all the colleges I wanted to this year,” Wells-Ates said. “It would have been really nice to get a feel like I really feel like I can fit in at this place. You can’t get that until you’re there now. “

Santos and Guevara said they’ve also gone on several virtual tours for schools, but it’s not the same as being in person and really knowing how you would fit in on campus.

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